For KOJi Max Kojic Acid Skincare, understanding the pigment within the array of brown skin tones is key to every solution designed to address the needs of our individual PH and skin color.  Each type of skin is different and always exposed to different factors the affect the thickening and uneven parts of our skin tone.


KOJi Max Kojic Acid Skincare’s extensive research
is therefore based on how the melanin in our skin functions, changes and reacts – and how to translate this into effective and highly targeted dermo cosmeticeutical products that actually work. This is the foundation for KOJi Max Kojic Acid Skincare’s unparalleled scientific dedication. Research and Development have a key role in KOJi Max Kojic Acid Skincare´s product assortment.


What type of hyper pigmentation can you treat and not treat?

We can only help to treat smooth, non-raised hyper pigmentation, of a dark color (brown, black or grey). The pigmentation must be on normal skin, with no active skin conditions in progress.

All of KOJi Max Kojic Acid Skincare´s dermo cosmetic skin care products are based on in-depth knowledge of the physiology of darker skin tones.  We lighten the darker areas, affected by scarring, hyper pigmentation, and the many  By understanding how skin functions, and how it reacts to the external factors, KOJi Max Kojic Acid Skincare ensures the development of advanced dermo cosmetic formulations that meet a variety of skin care needs. KOJi Max Kojic Acid Skincare's systematic research and discovery leads to innovative products formulated with carefully selected ingredients to assure the skin is protected, nourished, and healthy-looking.

Our treatment has been designed to treat Hyper pigmentation in darker skin where the skin is more sensitive to inflammation and prone to pigmenting.