The truth about why your hyperpigmentation and discoloration won’t go away.

Ok Sis, have a seat we have to have a chat. Skincare is a process, just like weight loss, hair growth, a natural hair journey, laser hair removal, Electrolisis, weightlifting etc etc etc..... your skin is the largest organ on your body, and just like alllllll of the other organs you have to meet the treatment halfway. We completely understand as a community we’re still learning; but expecting your products to do all of the work, is like eating a cheeseburger after going to the gym and complaining that your trainer doesn’t work? Really? ...... Staaaaahp it sis, “Ret nah”😂.

Here is the most likely truth, you have a poor diet, you don’t take a daily probiotic, you don’t wear SPF 30 sunscreen, you don’t ever get any exercise which is needed to stimulate your lymphatic system , you’re sleeping on a dirty pillowcase, sleeping in your makeup, you’re reusing your wash towel more than once even though bacteria grew while it was sitting out damp in your shower. You’re not washing face before bed, you’re packing on makeup that is clogging your pores , fruits and vegetables are foreign to you and again YOU RE STILL DRINKING SODA INSTEAD OF WATER.

So how , can any external remedy of any sorts aid if you’re not meeting yourself halfway?

Ask yourself this question, do the people whose skin I admire have healthy bodies as well? Think hard for a second..... look beyond the fab complexion.... are they fit? Well groomed? Good hygiene? If so then love you have to make healthy changes because unhealthy on the inside, equals unhealthy on the outside.

Now the good scientist here aren’t here to sell dreams, we’re your sisters , we have your same issues. But expected perfect skin in two weeks is like expecting perfect body in two weeks. If we’re honest we’re gonna say it straight..... STICK WITH A PRODUCT 12 weeks AND TAKE PHOTOS WEEKLY! No you do not throw tantrums, we will not give up after a month even though it took years to destroy your skin. You have to learn a routine NOT a miracle fix. Don’t chase the fad, or product hop. If the ingredients are in the formula chances are they really work. (With exception of extreme cystic acne and PCOS)

Reflect sis.