The Truth about Coconut Oil and Double Cleansing

We have all heard it, the dreaded hype about which oils are appropriate and which supposedly are not. The truth is whomever has the most marketing dollars controls the fads at the moment. The type of oil you use depends on its usage, and the quality of the product. I for example use PURE RAW COCONUT OIL nightly to remove my makeup; yes I am acne prone and no it does not harm me. Why you ask? Well because I wash it right off in my double cleansing routine, additionally pure coconut oil has done wonders for my skin. The only thing I do not use it for is a sealant oil for my face. As a personal care scientist we here about alot of fads when it comes to skincare, however the needs of deeper melanin tones vary drastically from the mainstream advice given to more pale skin tones as they have a higher PH than skin of color. A quick glance at scientific studies will prove that alot of this hype about carrier oils ONLY truly matters if you're using it nightly on the face or in acne prone regions. Even so coconut oil has antibacterial properties that did wonders for my skin as i lived abroad. When using a carrier oil to double cleanse here is a helpful tip, never apply to a dry face, use on damp face. Below are some links to supporting documentation about using coconut oil as a benefit. When in doubt ignore the influencers, ignore the hype, and follow the science. Pure Raw Coconut oil can carry a carrier oil number up to a 2 yes, but that is when its first pulled raw directly from the coconut, it does go through a bit of processing and often has other ingredients come along for the ride.